Queueing vs Calendar Booking

10 Jan, 2019 / Raghav

The Difference between Queueing and Calendar Booking

During my interactions with coworkers, interview candidates, friends, etc., while I explained to anyone what we do and what we intend to do in the realm of queue management, what frequently popped up was this basic question - How is queueing different than calendar booking? I honestly did not know why this seemingly simple to answer question kept arising at the first place, I always wondered why was it getting difficult for people to see the difference between the two.

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Types of Human Queues

16 Feb, 2019 / Raghav

Types of Human Queues

Talking about types of queues in general (human or non human) would require extensive research and a more elaborate write up. However, in this blog, I would like to mention about the various types of human queues which are being formed currently the world over, and also see some examples in each of the types.

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Customer Flow Management

19 March, 2019 / Raghav

5 Reasons you need Customer Flow Management for your business

Customer flow management software is an innovative solution that can help your staff offer value to customers quickly. It is all about introducing smart queueing systems that organize customers’ orders and requests to ensure everyone gets the information or service they need promptly.

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Customer Feedback System

10 April, 2019 / Raghav

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system combines raw data and analytics in an organized form to reveal what your customers think about your business. Generally, the business market is highly competitive; and there is a daily struggle to win over more customers from the competition.

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Task Management Software

18 May, 2019 / Raghav

When to use a Queue Management Software as your Task Management Platform

If you have been researching on task management softwares, by now you might have already come across some of them, may be even tried a few.

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Queue Management System For Bank

17 June, 2019 / Raghav

5 Ways in which Your Bank will benefit by using a Queue-Management-System

In this digital world, most bank transactions happen online or through ATMs. But there are many services for which the customers need to come to the bank, and rather feel more comfortable to physically visit a bank to carry out certain types of transactions.

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Types of Number Display Devices

25 July, 2019 / Raghav

Types of Devices You Can Use to Display the Token Number

If you are planning to have a take-a-number system or token system to manage the queue in your facility, you should also plan to invest in a reliable and flexible number display system. The two systems work in sync together. When a customer comes into your facility, they punch out a ticket that gives their number in the queue. The customer can then wait in the lounge or waiting hall till they see their token number displayed on the display system.

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Increase Your Online Bookings

1 Aug, 2019 / Raghav

10 Tips to Increase Your Online Bookings

With increasing competition in almost every sector, businesses are finding it difficult not just to attract customers, but also to retain them. There is always another deal, another offer, another company offering something different for the same customer. In this highly competitive market, increasing your online bookings is one of the best ways to keep your business thriving. Here are 10 tips to improve your online bookings.

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Features of Appointment Booking Software

12 Aug, 2019 / Raghav

What are the Essential Features of an Appointment Booking Software?

Do you fear that you might create a permanent bad impression on your clients in case they end up waiting for you even after setting a time with you, for the simple reason that the appointments could simply slip out of your mind. Do you also fear that the client may not show up on time or may not even show up at all, simply because there was no reminder sent to him or that there was a mis-communication of date and time?

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Great appointment scheduling software features

1 Sep, 2019 / Raghav

What makes a great Appointment Booking Software?

The essential features of appointment booking software are discussed in an earlier blog post. This blog post talks about the features that can take the software one level up in terms of feature richness.

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Improved Security With Visitor Management System for Apartments

9 Sep, 2019 / Raghav

Improve Security in Your Gated Apartment Complex with Visitor Management System

Are you thinking about improving the security of your gated apartment complex? Go for the Visitor Management System to make your premises more secured. The visitor management software is an extremely user-friendly system that helps you manage and track any visitors or guests to your apartment. It keeps track of anyone visiting your apartment, starting from guests and family members to maids and contract laborers.

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Features of Queue Management System

15 Sep, 2019 / Raghav

5 Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Queue Management System

Choosing the right queue management software is crucial for ensuring that companies can serve customers effectively. A queue management solution helps connect customers to the services provided in an organised manner. It helps them measure a slew of variables in real-time.

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Benefits of Online Booking System

30 Sep, 2019 / Raghav

5 Reasons to Use Online Booking System for Your Hotel Reservation

In today’s world, smart life is a new trend! Every service is expected to be on-demand. For hotels, it has become a necessity to have an online booking platform. If you own a hotel and are looking to increase your sales, then an Online Booking System is the best way to achieve it!

Online Booking System Can Flourish Your Business.

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Features of Queue Management System

6 Oct, 2019 / Raghav

How Online Appointment Scheduling Software Can Help Improve Your Customer Relationships?

We are living in the smart era! Today, consumers look for flexibility, comfort, and a hassle-free experience in every transaction they make. Businesses must understand this and implement new technologies so that consumers can have a pleasant experience.

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Why Luxury Hotels must invest in Visitor Management Software

21 Oct, 2019 / Raghav

Luxury Hotels Must Invest in A Visitor Management Software and Here's Why

What does a customer look for when he books a hotel in a strange city? The answer is quite simple; it’s the comfort, service, and safety. You’ll ace in providing comfort and good service but without a visitor management system in place, safety bit is still compromised.

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