About Queueme

Queueme helps digitize queues and schedules and place them in the cloud. Queueme is a collection of queue management software applications which help people queue and help merchants manage their queues in a digital way. Queueme is created with the latest technology and runs seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile thereby creating a great experience for our customers. Our vision is to see no people manage queues on paper in near future.

Generalized Queue Management

Queueme platform is built in a flexible way, and can be used to queue up many kinds of queueing candidates. Be it queues of humans, queue of documents, queue of materials, or queue of tasks, queueme platform can be one of the best software choices for managing the queues.

Generalized Scheduling

Queueing and Scheduling form the core of Queueme's platform. Many businesses would want to pre-schedule appointments or tasks along with maintaining and managing a live queue. This leads to a need for mixing queueing and scheduling in the right ways which is appropriate for the business environment.

ETA prediction

Queueme's platform learns statistically and estimates the time it takes for the queue to move to the next. Giving reasonably correct estimates in an automated way could boost NPS of the business. However, this repeated estimation may be a significantly challenging task for the human mind. Not only because its repetitive in nature, but there could be multiple scenarios, like types of services, and availability of staff, equipments and resources that would influence the time of accomplishing the tasks by the business.

Data Science and Analytics

Every business needs to tap into its data in a quick and convenient way. Analytics of historical data with the right visualizations techniques could provide insights into the problems in the business that may otherwise be ignored. Queueme's platform covers analytics and reporting of the most useful aspects of business's data. Moreover, Queueme's team can offer customized data science and analytics for the businesses which may need deeper analysis of their data.

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