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Queue Management Software and Customer Flow

Queues are interesting. While it can be heartening to see people lining up in long queues for your services or products, it may also make people disappointed by the slightest of chaos and the long and unpredictable wait times.

What if you get empowered to measure and control the flow at your business and reduce the chaos? How would it be if you could see a centralized dashboard with alerts and real time statistics of your entire business's flow? If you have been using old-fashioned methods such as physical management and sign-in sheets to control queues, then it is high time you update to a queue management software.

What is Queue Management Software?

A system that is used to organize, control and analyze queues is called a queue management software. A good queue management software should consider many components of a business's flow, such as the methods of arrival, nature and type of queueing candidate, maximum and average queue lengths, service mechanism, service times, wait time statistics and other characertistics of the business to enhance customer experience. Modern queue management software like that of Queueme's can be customized as per the nature and requirements of the business. Moreover, by using a cloud based software the stakeholders would have access to organization-wide data and analytics at their fingretips, which may open newer possibilities for deploying data science at your organizaiton.

Types of Queue Management Systems

The early methods involved the use of physical barriers to organizing the queue of people to the service counters or stalls. Another early method was a sign-in sheet were consumers entered the details as and when they came in, and the receptionist/assistant called them up for service. These methods were tedious and time consuming and gave way to a ticket-based queue management system. Ticket kiosks were set up in the reception, lounge or waiting area and people who came in could punch out a ticket. They would then wait comfortably until their ticket number was called out or displayed on a board. Banks, takeaway food outlets, vehicle service stations and other businesses use this type of queue management system.

A recent advanced method is digital management. Visitors or customers are provided access to the queue management software where they enter the data. The software then schedules the appointment and shares the details with both the parties. Such an automated management system reduces the need for a client to come ahead of time and wait for their turn. The same kind of principle is used in online booking software.

Queue management system usually serves the following purpose for the customers or visitors.

  • Provides visibility
  • Reduces wait time
  • Enhances visitor experience
  • Reduces grievances

From the management’s view, queue management software helps efficiently manage crowds and create a better environment. Apart from customer-based benefits, you will also gain valuable insights regarding customer behavior from the software. The data can be used to improve a business decision, plan for expansion or look for ways to improve your customer relationship.

Businesses that can use Queue Management System

Business in Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government and Service will greatly benefit from using this automated queue management tool.

Queueme is an advanced queue management software that is easy to implement, use and customize. Contact us to set up this system in your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a customer comes into the facility, he/she is assigned a queue number. The customer then waits in the lounge until the number is shown on the display screen. The other option for walk-in customers is to get the queue number and then go back. An SMS can be sent to the customer to remind them regarding the appointment time. So, they can just come in before the scheduled time. We also offer an option for the customer to preschedule appointments.

Yes, you can use the queue management software for managing queues at multiple counters at the same time.

Yes, customers can use the remote booking option to preschedule appointments.

Yes, the queue management system organizes and streamlines the queue, reducing real and perceived wait times. As the system automatically allocates the next-in queue based on the counter availability, it reduces wait times.

Yes. The automatic reminder option can be used to keep customers informed regarding the status of their wait.

Yes. When the queues are more organized, the staff can focus on their work instead of trying to manage the queues. It also gives them a heads-up of the people waiting in a queue, so that they can plan their work accordingly.

Yes. Customers can choose to either wait in the lounge of the office or go about their personal work after scheduling the appointment. It also reduces the time they need to wait, without having any idea of when they will be attended to.

We will be happy to give you a demo of our queue management software. Call us or drop an email to schedule a demo.

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