Salon Furniture Brands

If you have started plans to establish a salon, congratulations. You are about to enter a lucrative business field that will surely pay off. Have you checked out some salon furniture yet? I know it may seem like a tough task. There are so many salon furniture brands, so it will be helpful if you start with a plan. Thankfully you are reading this post because I have good news.
I will be discussing some of the best styling chairs and salon equipment, prices and features to help you make a better decision.
Let’s get started…

Essential Salon Equipments

Essential salon equipment and furniture you need include styling chairs, shampoo bowls, chairs for the reception, neck cushions, carts, pedicure chairs for the spa, and men’s grooming chairs, among other stuff.

Salon Furniture Brands

You need the best salon furniture because every customer who walks into your salon expects premium service. Moreover, you want them to come back right?
You may need to consider the age group of clients who will be using your services. For instance, you may need to buy separate styling chairs for young and older customers.
Below are some of the top salon furniture brands you should consider.


Lotus designs and sells amazing styling chairs and backwash chairs for salons. You can also find salon reception desks and spa trolleys made by this brand. Lotus is a popular salon furniture brand name, and they offer quality. The catch is that Lotus brand offers different types of salon furniture so you can decide to buy all you need from this brand for consistency.
Lotus styling chairs cost about USD 500, depending on the design you choose.

Veeco salon furniture

Veeco brand offers extremely comfortable styling chairs and quality styling stations. You can also find reclining chairs for salon reception and barber styling chairs. The salon furniture options include beautiful coffee tables salon trolleys, and carts.
The prices range between USD 200-$ 300 for styling chairs and USD 250 for reclining chairs.

Collins salon furniture

This brand sells some of the best Pro color centers you can find online. These products come with sinks and enough compartments for your salon products. You can also find styling stations and chairs for your salon made by this brand.
The prices for Collins styling chairs range between USD 250-$ 1,200, depending on your taste and the design.

Pibbs salon furniture

Pibbs is one of the versatile salon furniture manufacturers in the market. Their products include salon carts, styling chairs, utility trays, and coffee tables.
Pibbs salon equipment such as the salon trays, shampoo sink, and carts are sold below USD 100. You can also get good bargains for Pibbs styling chairs from USD 300.


Continuum is your one-stop shop for quality pedicure spa chairs which come in different colors and finishes. The prices start from USD 150. You can get different designs and colors.


Looking for simple furniture designs for your reception area? Boss products should be a perfect fit. They offer quality guest chairs, task chairs, and make up stools for salons. The styling chairs are sold within the range of USD 130- $200.

AGS salon equipment

This brand manufacturer sells different designs of salon furniture which gives you options. They stock other salon equipment such as neck rests, coffee tables, and task chairs. You can find styling stations of all types and mirrors for salons.
AGS sells wholesale, so you can get good deals for salon equipment as low as USD 100, the styling chairs cost about USD 300.

Shengyu Salon chairs

This salon furniture company is a global supplier of classic and regular styling chairs for salons. You can get wholesale prices from this manufacturer of salon furniture. Price range for styling chairs can be USD 200-$ 400.


Paragon salon furniture brand has made a name in the market because of its high standards. Salon furniture products include spa carts, utility trays, and styling chairs, makeup stools, and backwash chairs. Paragon styling stations cost about USD 200 or more depending on the design, and chairs cost about USD 150.

Gamma & Bross

Known for its unique designs and class Gamma & Boss is a good choice, you can find salon furniture such as pedicure spa chairs, salon styling chairs, reception chairs, and desks, and styling stations on sale at affordable prices within the range USD 200-$ 500.
Shopping for salon furniture should be a fun experience. Don’t forget to read reviews online and get close up pictures of the furniture you want to buy.

Final Note

Disclaimer: The list given above is a suggestive list. It is obviously not an exhaustive list. Also the prices given here are tentative and may not have been updated, so you are requested to check the current prices as well.

After setting up comfortable salon furniture for your guests, ensuring smooth service delivery is essential to give value to your customers.
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