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Salon Scheduling Software

How do you manage all the bookings in your beauty salon? You would possibly have a receptionist or a dedicated resource to take care of the bookings and also handle the customers who walk into your salon for various services. The manual booking system will not be able to factor in all variables such as employee availability, customer convenience and other factors while making the bookings. An automated system will consider all these factors to offer a seamless and satisfying booking system. You can also set up a token display system in your salon so that customers will have an idea of the wait time and the stylist they need to consult.

How using a scheduling software can benefit your beauty salon?

There are many ways in which a salon scheduling software can benefit your business:

Schedule appointments

The basic function of this software application is to help you automate appointment booking and scheduling. It reduces the bulk of the workload for your front office person or receptionist as the software will consider various parameters like resource availability, services required, customer preference and more before suggesting the time for booking the appointment.

Create a good customer experience

A high-end salon scheduling software like ours can help create a good customer experience. The software will create the impression that your salon is offering professional services. While manually booking, the customer has to wait for the receptionist to check records and identify a free slot. The software drastically reduces the wait time as it can quickly retrieve all the relevant data and suggest the available time slots.

Save time

The software saves time for both the employees in the salon and the customer as it speeds up the booking process.

Available 24/7

The scheduling software can be accessed anytime anywhere. So, even if you close the salon for the day, the customer can book an appointment at his/her convenient time.

Automatic reminders

Using the salon scheduling software can greatly reduce no-shows as it sends reminders and notifications regarding the appointment.

Prevent double bookings

One of the biggest problems of a manual booking system is that there is a high chance of double booking. Also, the person who takes the booking may not consider resource availability or specific stylist requirement of the customer while booking. All these issues can be addressed with the scheduling software.

Better ROI

Scheduling software gives you a good return on your investment. The software streamlines your booking process and improves customer experience, which in turn will help improve your business and increase your ROI.

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