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Queueme visitor management software is designed for use in large corporate offices and large apartment complexes. Below are mentioned the separate flows of a visitor management system for corporate organizations / offices and for apartments.

Visitor Management System in Corporate Organization / Offices

How do you manage the visitors to your facility? If you are using the traditional sign-in sheet system, then it is high time you update to a visitor management software that will help you streamline your visitor management and at the same time ensure greater security in the premises. When we say visitors, we are talking about vendors, interview candidates, clients, friends or family of employees, courier or food delivery persons who visit the premises. The software allows the security or front office person to verify the visitor, purpose and person they want to meet. They just have to type the name of the visitor in the device (tablet, mobile or desktop) and the system will auto suggest the employees in the organization. Once the right name is selected, the software sends an email/SMS/call to the employee informing them that the visitor has arrived. The details of the visitor and the purpose of the visit will also be shared with the employee.

There are various ways in which you can customize the system based on your requirements.

1) Generate an OTP when the employee is informed regarding the visitor arrival. This OTP can be entered into the system to permit visitor entry
2) To print out a token/entry pass
3) To take a photo of the visitor

Visitor Management System for Apartments

Queueme offers a user-friendly visitor management software that can be used in large apartments. This software has two interfaces – one for the members and the other for the visitors.

Visitors to the apartment could be guests/relatives/friends of people living in the apartment, housekeeping, delivery persons, handymen, and servants. Traditionally, when a visitor comes to the apartment, the security at the gate gets details of the visitor’s name, purpose, apartment number and then calls the apartment to ask for permission manually. The Queueme visitor management software with members app allows the security to add details like name, phone, the purpose of visit and even take a photo of the visitor. When the security starts typing the flat number of member to visit, the system auto populates the other details. When the member’s name is selected, a notification will pop up on the member’s app. The member can approve or reject the visitor with a click of a button. If approved, the security will allow the person inside the premises. This way, the system enhances the security in the apartment complex.

Queueme Visitor Management System is an advanced software that makes visitor management easy, efficient and professional. We can customize the program according to your specific requirements. Queueme also offers appointment scheduling software, employee scheduling software and more. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

A visitor management system is an automated tool that helps you efficiently manage visitors to your facility, office or apartment complex.

It helps keep a record of the visitors to a facility and also track visitor movement.

For safety reasons. The security needs a track all the people who have entered the office and ensure that they leave the facility by the end of the day. Also, the data can be used to track visitors, in case of any problems.

Yes, visitor photos can be captured using the software.

This software can be used in apartment complexes, offices and other facilities where many visitors are expected.

The apartment owners/tenants who are availing housekeeping services should update their details on the app and approve their entry. If the staff come daily, then it can be updated in the app to provide them access to the apartment.

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