5 Ways in which Your Bank will Benefit by Using a Queue Management System

In this digital world, most bank transactions happen online or through ATMs. But there are many services for which the customers need to come to the bank, and rather feel more comfortable to physically visit a bank to carry out certain types of transactions. Your customers may visit your bank to deposit cash or cheques or get a demand draft. They may visit your facility to open an account, apply for a loan, register for a locker or use a locker. Customers may also visit the bank to get a passbook printed or to apply for a new cheque book. When customers visit your bank, you should ensure that they have a comfortable experience. It not only adds on to your customer experience but also encourages customers to avail more of the banking services that you offer, thereby becoming loyal customers.

Managing customers on the premises, at the same time, ensuring all day-to-day banking tasks are done on time is not easy for the staff in your bank. Utilising a modern queue management system for your bank is likely to boost productivity of the bank’s staff too, apart from creating a great experience for your bank’s customers.

Also, the system should be intuitive to understand and easy to use so that you do not have to worry about training your staff or making big changes to your existing work process when you adopt a queue management software.

Here are 5 ways in which your bank will benefit by using a queue management system:

1. Easier Visitor Management

When you have a large crowd of customers, it can become difficult to manage them, especially when each customer wants to be attended to first. Moreover, one customer may want to meet the manager while the other has to wait for the teller. You need to consider the purpose of the customer as well as the availability of the bank employee when you are managing such crowd. You can use a menu driven queue management system to streamline queues based on the customer’s visit purpose. A customer needs to collect a token, which will give them an approximate idea of the waiting time. They can then wait comfortably in the waiting area till it’s time for them to be attended to.

2. Better Employee Productivity

As explained above, when customers have an idea of the approximate waiting time, they are less likely to pester the staff asking to be attended first. Also, your staff need to focus only on one customer at a time. Having a queue managementing system in place will definitely improve the staff's focus and help them attend to the customer better, which translates to better customer experience and improved staff efficiency.

3. Improved Customer Experience - Mobile tokens, and remote tokens.

When you use a queue management system, the customers will have some idea of the approximate time in which they will be attended to. To top this up, the queue management software can be designed to send sms updates to the customer’s phone, specially when his/her turn is about to arrive. Another modern approach is to send a web link to the customer’s mobile phone which can help in tracking the queue position. In this case, the customer can come to the bank, get the token number on his sms inbox, and then go about carrying on their work nearby if any. When they receive a notification, they can come to the bank. This way, your staff, and more importantly your security personnel, won’t have to deal with a large crowd at the same time, and the customer is also happy that his/her time is not wasted simply waiting in the bank. Another great approach is to have a web interface on your bank’s website or on some third party website from where customers can book an online token and arrive at the bank only when their turn is about to arrive.

4. Appointments and Queues can be managed in one software

Apart from normal banking transactions, customers may need to meet the manager or other representatives for discussions or personal verification. Using a appointment booking software to allow for booking appointments along side using a queue management software can be a great technology add on for your bank.

5. Transparency would bolster the trust in your bank

When you use a digitised platform to organise and manage the queues, there is greater transparency created amongst customers. This in-turn bolsters the trust on your bank and its quality of service. The fact that you really care for your customers will reflect majorly if you invest in a good and modern Queue management software for your bank.

Apart from these benefits, having a queue management system will help you cut down on overhead costs and help retain customers. Feel free to call at +91 9379154677 or drop an email at info@queueme.io for details regarding Queueme's Queue management software and to know how it can be customised to your requirements and specifications.

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