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Does your warehouse deal with thousands of inbound and outbound shipments or your dock handle hundreds of trucks every week? Then you should think of investing in a yard management software. From manufacturing companies to ecommerce and retail sectors, all businesses can use our dock scheduling software to track and record movement of shipments and schedule loading/unloading of goods.

How will your Business Benefit by Using a Dock Management System?

If you have hundreds of trucks entering and leaving your yard on a single day, imagine the amount of manual work involved in checking the schedule of each truck, assigning the truck to a dock and scheduling workers to load/unload the shipment. This one software takes care of all these tasks and more. It increases visibility, reducing the need to doing a daily yard check.

The software allows you to approve dock bookings, allocate docks to trucks, track carrier movement, reducing manual effort for all these tasks. As all the data is available in the system, it reduces the need for spotters to move around the yard or mangers to personally check every dock, reducing human movement in the yard, thereby improving safety. The yard management software also enhances security as it lets you keep track of all the trucks that enter and leave the facility.

How does the Dock Scheduling Software work?

Our dock management system creates a common platform that brings together the vendor (supplier), transporter (carrier) and the warehouse manager (owner).

Inbound shipment

The supplier makes a dock appointment to deliver the shipment. The warehouse manager can schedule the appointment based on the availability of the docks and the size of the shipment. Once the dock is booked, the vendor contacts the carrier and organises for the shipment to be delivered to the yard at the time the booking has been made. In case, there are any delays in supplying the goods or transporting the shipment, the warehouse manager is updated regarding the status, so that necessary arrangements can be made at the dock. The software not just streamlines communication among all the stakeholders, but also helps streamline the entire inbound shipment process.

Outbound shipment

Our software platform allows warehouse managers to schedule dock appointments with carriers and update the shipment information to the wholesaler or distributor. Once the carrier collects the shipment, the details are sent to the wholesaler who can then arrange to collect the shipment and organise for its storage or distribution. As all the supply chain partners are on the same platform, communication becomes easy and process becomes more organised.

The factors that affect the velocity of your dock

1) Number of docks in your yard
2) Number of labourers to load or unload products
3) Average time required to load/unload the trucks
4) Availability of equipment for loading/unloading or moving goods
The software considers all the above features and other customised options to help you schedule the process.

Features of Queueme Dock Management System

1) Online dock-appointment scheduling of inbound and outbound shipment
2) Automated scheduling process
3) Cloud-based infrastructure that enables seamless operations across different geographical locations and time zones
4) Real-time updates on the status of the shipment though SMS/email to the supply chain partners
5) Inventory management - enables quick inventory of FMCG, especially products that have low expiry date
6) Product shipment, dock appointment booking, shipment loading/unloading is done after approval from concerned authority
7) Historical data analysis
8) Compliance tracking – on-time and late pickup and drops
9) Milestone notification
10) Track trucks and trailers entering and leaving the yard
11) Track loading/unloading time for better scheduling
13) Central Dashboard for a quick overview

Queueme Dock and Yard Management System

Our dock management software has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to work on it. Queueme dock scheduling software has a self-serve vendor facing platform that makes it easy for suppliers to book appointments, update shipment details and do more. The warehouse manager platform allows the stakeholders to get an overview of the number of trucks in the yard, volume of shipments and availability of labourers at any point of time. Based on the movement of the carriers, the security at the gate can anticipate traffic and direct the trucks accordingly. Also, the software can be customised to indicate which gate in the yard the carriers need to use during drop or pick up the shipment. It will help reduce congestion at the gate and allow for smooth movement of vehicles.

Streamline your yard management and enhance the efficiency of your supply chain with Queueme Dock and Yard management system. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dock scheduling helps you organize and streamline your inbound and outbound shipment based on the number of docks, manpower available and time required to load/unload.

The yard management software has an inventory management system that automatically updates the products stored or removed from the warehouse based on the shipping details. It is especially useful for FMCG and products with low expiry dates.

A yard management system helps you keep track of the trucks and trailers that enter and leave the yard. It also allows you to schedule loading/unloading based on the availability of docks and manpower. This scheduling option helps prevent trucks and trailers from waiting outside your facility for loading or unloading. It also helps ensure that the shipping schedules are met.

You can be completely assured of your data security. Only stakeholders who have the login credentials can access the data stored on the platform. We also employ best practices to make our platform robust to malacious attacks.

Yes, we can provide the training for your team to use the yard management system.

We will be happy to give you a demo of our dock scheduling software. Email us or call us for a demo.

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