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Number Display System

In this advanced digital era, do you still use traditional methods of visitor management in your facility? Then it is high time you switched to a visitor scheduling system and number display system. Queueme offers advanced take-a-number system and number display system that you can use to streamline your visitor management and also reduce wait time for your customers. Integrated with high-end technologies and tools, these systems help you provide the best experience for your customers when they visit your organization.

Our number display system is designed for use in food courts, hospitals, banks, passport office, diagnostic labs, clinics, service centers, beauty salons, health care centers, automobile service centers and more.

How Does the Number Display System Work?

Visitors are given tokens/numbers when they enter the facility. They can then comfortably wait in the reception or the waiting area until they see their number displayed on the TV browser. This method makes it easy for the staff to manage the crowd and also gives the visitors a fair idea of their waiting time. It also reduces chaos and streamlines visitor management.

Features of Queueme’s Number Display System

Whether you offer multiple services or have multiple service counters, the display can be configured accordingly.

a) If the counters are offering similar services, there will be single queue (or same numbering) for all the counters offering similar or symmetric services
b) If the counters are offering different services, there will be multiple queues (different numbering for different counters)
c) If the waiting area is large, then you may need to set up multiple TVs to display the numbers. The TVs can be configured to display the same information or different information based on your requirements and preferences
d) If the number of counters is too high, then it may be difficult to fit all the numbers and “next numbers” on the same screen in a legible and organized manner. At such times, we can set up a time-based switching of display information

Want to set up a number display system in your facility and require expert assistance? Queueme can provide all the necessary support for installation. We can also help you in arriving at an optimum configuration of your number display set up. You just need to get a TV or computer system for display, and we can provide software on subscription. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use number display systems to display the token number for queue management. It can be configured to display single or multiple queues simultaneously.

We suggest using trained technicians to install the number display system as it is safer and more efficient. They can also provide follow-up services, if required.

The cost of the number display system depends on the number, configuration and type of system. You can contact us directly for a quote.

LED or LCD screens can be used in the display system.

Yes, we will be happy to show a demo of our software. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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