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For managers or leads, one task that eats up into their productive time is employee scheduling. From small and medium to large companies, firms of all size have this huge challenge of organizing employee work schedules based on shift timings, work process and other factors. Make life easier for your mid management and enhance their productivity by adopting effective employee scheduling software.

What is employee scheduling software?

The workforce and scheduling management platform takes away the routine work of manually entering employee details, assigning shifts, and calculating work hours. The scheduling software not only automatically assigns shifts based on pre-entered parameters, but also sends notifications to all the stakeholders regarding the changes in shifts or updates regarding the employee schedule. This scheduling tool not only organizes employee work timings but also reduces man hours required in planning and executing the employee schedules.

What are the types of employee scheduling software?

The various types of scheduling are:

Static Scheduling - This type of scheduling is prepared for routine shifts, which could be 8-hour or 12-hour shifts. There are not many variables involved in organizing static shift schedules. Businesses that follow this kind of scheduling include health care, product and service industry, hospitality and education sectors.

Dynamic Scheduling - This kind of scheduling has many variables such as different work times and work locations for an employee. Home care contractors, pet sitting services, HVAC, home-service providers and such will have dynamic schedules. They may have to visit the client at a particular time and place based on the requirements. Employee scheduling and appointment booking software has to consider all factors to avoid appointment overlap and best customer experience.

Based on the location where the software is hosted/used, the types of scheduling software are web-based, server-based and on-premise.

What are the advantages of using employee scheduling software?

1) Ensuring compliance
2) Improving employee communication
3) Adapting to digital era
4) Reducing employee no-show
5) Making efficient use of manpower
6) Reducing labor costs
7) Enabling regular staff evaluation

Queueme can help you set up employee scheduling software for your business. Our advanced scheduling tool can be customized as per your business requirements and specifications. We also offer appointment booking software, queue management software and other digital solutions that can be customized as per your business requirements. Contact us to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

An online employee scheduler helps managers efficiently organize employee schedules based on employee number, compliance, shift schedules and other factors. The online portal makes it easy for everyone to access the schedule anytime and from anywhere. Also, the automatic scheduler reduces the manual effort required to plan the schedules every week or month.

You can use the online calendar to create the employee schedule online. The in-built features will help you manage details regarding shift timings, number of holidays, overtime and other compliance attributes based on the number of employees on the roll. We can give you a demo for employee scheduling based on your business vertical.

No, the scheduler has a user-friendly interface. Once all the schedule determiners are updated into the system, anyone can use the platform to create schedules.

There is no upper limit. You can create the schedule for any number of employees or shifts with our employee scheduler.

Yes, you can modify all the variables such as shift timings, dates, employees anytime you want.

The system will keep a record of all the shifts details of the employees, which can be accessed while determining employee productivity or performance.

Yes, all the information is securely stored in the system and can only be accessed by authenticated users. We also employ best practices to make our platform robust to malacious attacks.

The cost of the scheduling software depends on your specific requirements. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to share the quote.

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