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Gone are the days when clients used to make appointments via phone calls. In this digital era, appointment booking has also been automated. Businesses, especially in the service industry, find it effective and time-saving to use an appointment booking software for online appointment booking and follow-ups. The appointment reminder software also sends notifications to all the stakeholders and customer when an appointment is scheduled.

How your Business can Benefit by using Appointment Booking Software?

Your business can greatly benefit by using an appointment scheduling software. By automating the process of creating appointments and schedules, you help free up routine tasks for your employees. Secondly, it also reduces booking overlaps, which usually happens during manual booking. The other benefits of using the online scheduling software are:

1) Build better customer relationship
2) Enhance revenue
3) Improve staff productivity
4) Reduces no-show
5) Reduces waiting time for customers
6) Increase bookings
7) Save time

Important Features of Appointment Scheduler

When you invest in an appointment software, you should ensure that its features and functions are in tandem with your business requirements and process. Some of the most important features that you need to look for when you get an appointment scheduling software are:

Customer scheduling - The basic purpose of the software, allow customers to book appointments based on their convenience

Staff scheduling - It should also work like an employee scheduling software allowing you to match employee schedules with client appointments so that there is minimal wait time and proper resource utilization

Real-time automated scheduling - It should allow you to make last minute changes or additions based on business requirements or emergencies

Calendar management - The scheduler should allow you to get details of bookings for the day, week or month depending on your needs

Automatic reminders - It should be programmed to automatically send reminders before appointment and notifications regarding follow-ups or changes in appointment

Online booking - The software should give the customer the convenience of booking online from anywhere, anytime.

Payment options - The payment module should be integrated into the scheduling software

Deal management and promotions - If you have offers, deals or promotions, you should be able to integrate it into the payment options

Business That Can Use Appointment Scheduling Software

Businesses, especially those in the service industry can effectively use the appointment planner. Some of the sectors where this software will be useful are health care, food service, financial services, services, health and beauty, fitness and recreation, and education.

Take your business to the next level by setting up online appointment booking options. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users need to log on to your web interface or app and select the service they want to avail. The in-built calendar will display the available slots. Your customers can select the date and time of the appointment. Once they confirm the details, the appointment is booked.

The salient features of the scheduling software are online booking, real-time scheduling for customers and employees, calendar management, automatic reminders, payment options and deal management.

We will help you setup and integrate the appointment scheduling software with your existing system. Our experts will also provide technical assistance and deal with any queries you may have regarding the appointment scheduler.

Yes, your clients can cancel or reschedule the appointments on the appointment scheduling platform itself.

Yes, you can be completely assured of your data security. Only stakeholders who have the login credentials can access the data stored on the platform. We also employ best practices to make our platform robust to malacious attacks.

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