Take-a-number System

Take-a-number System

Organise and streamline visitor management in your facility using Queueme’s Take-a-number System. Designed with a user-friendly interface and advanced technology, this system will help you manage large crowds with ease and minimal manual interference. The token system will be perfect for banks, health care facilities, vehicle service stations and other places where customers need to wait to avail the services. It can also be used in a beauty salon where the system can be integrated with our salon scheduling software for easier booking and visitor management.

What are the features of Queueme’s Take-a-number System?

Our system is designed with advanced features that will enhance your visitor experience. You can configure and customize the entry form, service menu, flow, multiple queue stages as well as the actions on every stage according to the specific needs and requirements of your facility. You can also print the number or token using a POS supported printer (EPSON). The other features of the system are that it:

1) Works on mobile, tablet computer and desktop
2) Has visitor-facing mobile/tablet view allows for self-check-in
3) Enables queue tracking on mobile and also sends reminders via mail, call or text messages
4) Calculates the approximate ETA based on historical trends
5) Offers roles-based access control
6) Central/organizational view allows real-time monitoring from multiple locations
7) Displays on TV browser or chrome display
8) Features in-built calendar/scheduler for booking appointments
9) Cloud-based system is affordable in the long run and enables anytime anywhere access
10) Downloadable historical data in CSV format for data analysis
11) Automatic reports delivered to multiple email ids
12) The in-built scheduler integrates appointment booking with employee scheduling, thus ensuring optimum employee productivity and best customer experience

How your business can benefit from the data obtained from the Take-a-number system?

The system not only allows visitor management but also provides valuable data that you can use to gain insights and improve customer experience.

Applications that can be integrated with Queueme’s Take-a-number System

The system has APIs for custom integration. The applicable integrations are:
1) Email: mail chimp integration
2) Payment integration with Stripe, PayPal, Square
3) CRM integration with Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot
4) Integration with intercom
5) Zapier zap available for integration with 1500+ applications and extend workflows

Queueme will provide software on subscription, but you will need to set up a television and get a printer. We will provide all the required assistance for installation. Contact us for more details.

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